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Leasing intermodal containers offers flexibility for use in intermodal shipments, to supplement a dedicated fleet or for product storage. We have a large fleet of high capacity, stainless steel, insulated tank containers for every product or delivery need, so whether it’s domestic or international, we make door-to-door shipment a reality.

Our fleet includes standard chassis as well as drop-frame chassis for improved shipment stability, and efficient two-empty container moves on a single chassis for best customer economy. In addition, we provide maintenance and repair services, plus storage and cleaning of MILS’ containers or customer containers.

MILS’ services package includes drayage, pick-up and delivery of MILS or customer containers, as well as over the road transport of containers on chassis using hazardous materials certified liquid bulk drivers. These drivers have product-handling expertise, and their truck equipment includes onboard product pumps for discharge.

General Equipment Specifications

Description: IMO Type 1, IM101-4 (58 PSI MAWP) Stainless Steel Tank Container for hazardous and nonhazardous liquids. ADR/RID IMO Classes 3, 6, 8, 20’ x 8’ x 8’6” ISO Container. Tare Weight 8070 LBS. (Tolerances +1% - 3%) (3660 KGS.) 24,000 LT. (6340 Gallons) Maximum Gross Weight 67,200 LBS., (30480 KGS.) Maximum Stacking Weight 23,995 KGS., 9 high stacking@ 53,900 LBS. IMO TYPE 1 SPECIFICATIONS

Type IMO Type 1 20 FT Container 4 Bar Working Pressure Single Compartment
Weights KGS - 3660 LBS - 8070
Dimensions MM FT-IN
Length 6096 20-0
Width 2438 8-0
Height 2591 8-6
Capacities Liters U.S. Gallons
24,000 6340
21,000 5548
17,500 4623